Men's Ministry

The Bible tells of men who were strong in faith, strong in integrity, and strong in leadership. While not perfect, these men strived to live lives that honored God. We see the culmination of faith, integrity, and leadership in the Life of Jesus. As we strive to live a life like Jesus’ life, we understand the difficulties that men today face. There is a certain camaraderie and fellowship that men can only get from friendship of other men. FBC MEN is here to make those connections. We want men to grow in faith, integrity, and leadership.

There are two important connections that men need in order to grow strong in faith, integrity, and leadership. One is a connection to Jesus Christ. He is the source of power in our lives. The other is a connection to other men where they can be challenged and encouraged to live out what they learn. We need to live it out at home, with family, at church, at work, and in our journey with Christ. As men we will too often seek isolation that keeps us from the encouragement of others, the fellowship of believers, and clearly seeing the gospel at work in our lives.

At FBC MEN we want to challenge and encourage men to become men of faith, men of integrity and to become the strong leaders that God has called them to be through connection to Christ and to other men.